FAQs   Below you will find some our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us, and someone from the club will try to answer it.

How long has PPYCC been running?

The club was founded in 2000, and has been going from strength to strength earning Club Mark status in 2007 and winning Brighton and Hove Sports Club of the Year in 2008.

Where and when does the club meet and ride?

Between March and October the club typically meets at Preston Park Cycle Track every Satuday morning. The club also meets less often during the winter months. Where to find us. Age restrictions: The club provides activities for young people aged from 8 to 18 but all ages can join the club.

How much does membership cost?

See membership section here.

How much does it cost to attend a club session?

Sessions are £3.00. There is an annual membership fee of £20 [£10 second and other siblings or second claim members] . Occasionally the club travels away from Brighton (Calshot near Portsmouth for track racing during the winter and mountain bike trips during the summer have proved popular). For these type of events, there may be additional costs.

What do I need to bring if I want to join in on a road ride session?

We are not currently charging for road ride sessions. Please note appropriate clothing is absolutely essential as cycling is a cold sport on all but the warmest days. Road cyclists do not usually wear a rucksack, but if you do not have purpose designed clothing and equipment this may be necessary :

  • Rain protection
  • Tyre levers, puncture repair kit, spare inner tube, pump and simple tools e.g. hexagon key set or multi-tool.
  • Mobile phone or money to make use a public phone

Further advice from member Joe Hill explains:

“We meet early at the track so we can leave promptly at 9:30am. All riders sign on with an emergency contact details and medical conditions if any. Everyone is expected to make sure their bike is roadworthy, brakes work and tyre pressures are correct. The coach asks that everyone has a pump,  spare inner  tube,  tyre levers, multi tool, money, drink  and a snack. The coach reminds us to ride safely.

The route is planned by a coach usually but sometimes riders suggest a route. We usually head north out of Brighton on the A23 cycle path and warm up for the first 5-10 minutes. We stop at the lay-by at Waterhall and the coach tells us the plan. We ride in a group, in pairs when it’s safe to do so; we’ve practiced this a lot at the track and swap over riders on the front. We usually ride about 30 miles in 2 hours or so. There are lots of good cycling roads outside Brighton, it’s gently rolling terrain mainly but we do have Ditchling Beacon and the Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs which are good to improve our hill climbing skills. We always stop somewhere safe to talk about what we will do next and to make sure we have a drink. Sometimes we will split into different ability groups and do a circuit, set the slower riders off first, followed by the faster ones so they arrive at the end at the same time. Where it is safe on quieter roads we sprint up the hills then get back into a group to ride on. We head back to Preston Park taking care on the roads back into town as there is usually lots more traffic.

Visiting Calshot velodrome

It is unlikely that Calshot has enough hire bikes and shoes to fit everyone and so you may wish to consider taking a club bike with you. Calshot is the world’s [probably] shortest velodrome at 147 metres long. It is a proper banked track, very easy to ride and very exciting.  Please note that usually Calshot is colder inside than the weather outside and this is particularly a problem for spectators. For riders you need warm clothing and should not be riding in shorts. Helmet, gloves or mitts are all essential as is a snack and drink. Calshot is 90 miles from Brighton and cannot reasonably be driven in less than 90 minutes and two hours is a sensible time. It is best to arrive up to an hour in advance of the session to enjoy your visit fully. This is an exciting opportunity for members to ride on fixed gear bikes indoors.

For those who wish to make a day of it, Calshot has many other activities and is near to the New Forest . Please see http://www.hants.gov.uk/calshot/ for more information about the centre.

How can I order club kit?

We have a high quality kit which you can order from us by visiting the dedicated section of our website. It’s specially made to order and we will order it once or twice a year. Be patient when ordering as it always take a long time to arrive no matter which company we chose to supply it. We usually have a stock of jerseys, ask at the club if you would like one of these.

Borrowing a club bike

Club bikes are available for borrowing during club sessions free of charge. First come first served.

Keeping a club bike at home

You may wish to make a longer term use of a club bike and keep it at home. This is free of charge but the club expects bikes to be returned in good condition and for the temporary owner to take responsibility for maintenance and repairs including accident damage. To borrow a bike it is expected that you are likely to be using it weekly and racing it during the racing season.

Where can I find a racing bike?

We have found that most riders under the age of 10 (and indeed some under the age of 12) will need a bike with 24″ wheels. Unfortunately, racing bikes this size are very difficult to come by in this country. Kids in the club have managed to find bikes from an amazing variety of sources, including classified ads (try Loot and the Friday-Ad), relatives on the Continent and even the dump! We have also heard rumours that Brixton Bikes in London is able to special order Peugeot kid’s racers from France. Perseverance pays off, so don’t get discouraged if none of these routes pays off. The club also has a few old road bikes available to lend, so let us know if you haven’t been able to get a hold of a bike, and we may be able to help or guide you.For older and taller riders, there are, of course, many more options. Many “Triathlon” bikes have slightly smaller 26″ inch wheels, which may be ideal for someone who isn’t quite tall enough bikes with 27″/700c wheels. Baker Street Bikes in Brighton is a good place to start, but if you are serious about racing and not sure what to get, it may be useful to come along and speak to one of the coaches.

What are the age categories for racing?

There are five youth age categories: under 16, under 14, under 12, under 10 and under 8. For full details of these age categories and associated gear restrictions, please read the Gear Restrictions and Age Categories  document.

How do I enter races?

It depends on the type of race. Races may be pre-entry only, entry on the line [EOL] only or both pre-entry and EOL. When both it usually costs more to EOL. For EOL you just turn up and fill in an entry sheet [and sometimes a form as well] on the day. When you pre-enter you must use the correct entry sheet. Most races are covered by the three entry forms which are: a British Cycling road race entry form, a British Cycling track entry form and a BSCA entry form.  BC Road Entry, BC Track Entry, BSCA Entry

Do I need to own a track bike in order to race at the track?

No. All our riders in the club regularly train with track bikes. Events at Preston Park on Wednesday are require under 12, 14 and 16 year categories to race on track bikes. We have a large number of these bikes and will lend them out to club riders for Wednesday night racing and other track events. The Wednesday night racing is organised by the Sussex Cycling racing league click here for details.

How safe is it?

Although no sport or outdoor activity is 100% safe, at PPYCC we have an excellent safety record. Our coaches are fully BCF qualified Club Coaches, and no club session is permitted to take place without at least one in attendance. As fully qualified coaches, they also hold first aid certificates and have been clearance to work with young people.

Do I need to become a member of British Cycling?

If you join the club, a portion of your club fees goes towards membership of the British Cycling Federation. Membership confers many benefits, including reduced entry fees and insurance. Please visit the British Cycling Federation website for further details.

Does the club have any riders interested in BMX?

PPYCC has mainly track and road riders and also has an interest in mountain biking and cyclo-cross riding. We don’t currently have any BMX riders, but many of the activities we do during our club sessions are suitable for those on BMX bikes. If you’re not sure, come along and try it out.