Training Advice

Youth D and younger riders

We recommend that our younger riders should be riding their bikes at the weekend and mid-week in the summer being likely to take part in a club session and local a race league such as Sussex Cycle Racing League’s Wednesday night track racing. They should be developing their general physical motor skills and fitness through participation in a variety of sport, activity and play; formal or informal in nature.

Youth C riders

These riders should ride their bikes throughout the year at weekends and mid-week and should be developing their general physical motor skills and fitness through participation in other sport and activity. Youth C riders would benefit from repeatedly practicing cycling skills of balance and coordination such as: cornering, track stands, bunny hops, braking, acceleration.

They should be racing at local events and making visits to some key events such as the Regional Omnium Championships, Open events or possibly a National Road Race Series event. It is good practice to visit different racing venues [see below]. You are eligible to enter the track national championships.

Youth B riders

They will ride their bikes throughout the year aiming for about 4 times a week. In winter this might be two weekend rides with a mid-week roller session. A fourth session may come from a club training night or a turbo session. In summer this might be Saturday club session, Sunday race, Wednesday track league and a training ride, roller session or another local race for the fourth session.

Youth B riders would be expected to complete the Regional Omnium series and a particular aim would be to take part in a National Road Race series event such as the Tour of the NW or Isle of Man Tour. In your second year you might visit the youth event Tour of Assen in Holland. You may qualify for the Omnium Series National Final and you are eligible to enter the track national championships.

Youth A riders

As for Youth B however you will ride 4 times a week as a minimum and some weeks will ride more. You may decide it is time to get some personal coaching and this would normally involve finding a personal coach who will charge for their services. Having a coach is not a necessity but some riders enjoy this and benefit from it. PPYCC have coaches who are qualified to write personal training programmes and can recommend other coaches to you. The club can help you write an annual plan for your training and racing.

To be a successful rider at this level cycling will be a big part of your life, but not to the expense of your school work and family commitments. As we are a club based at a velodrome, with an eye to the future, your focus is may start shifting from track to road. You would increase your training mileage. Riders should be considering taking part in the Junior Road Race Tour which is a series of events throughout the year and includes the Junior national championships. Junior road racing at this level is of a high standard and exciting, fast and furious. If you can live with national level Junior road racing then you are very good rider.

Junior riders

As for Youth A, males should be in the A league at the Wednesday night track meetings and females in the B league. You should be training daily and resting sufficiently and should be taking part in the National Youth Road Races [these did not use to be available for female riders but this needs checking each year in case it changes]. Although PPYCC will support your racing with advice and equipment you may feel you should join a Junior team so that you can gain the full experience of riding in a team at youth races.