Preston Park Youth Cycle Club

Fun, skills and competitive cycling at Preston Park, Brighton

We provide fun, skills and competitive cycling activities with fully qualified coaches at Preston Park Cycle Track and believe that cycling contributes strongly to a sustainable lifestyle. Our club caters for members aged 8 to 18 years, though we have some older and younger members. We meet between March and October, typically at Preston Park Cycle Track, every Saturday morning. The club also meets less often during the winter months.

Skills development

Embark on a journey of skills development with PPYCC. Our qualified coaches guide members aged 8 to 18, fostering a love for cycling through fun and competitive activities. We believe in shaping not just cyclists, but well-rounded individuals.


Dive into our weekly club sessions at Preston Park every Saturday morning, March through October, to experience engaging cycling activities led by qualified coaches.


Recognising achievements and fostering a sense of accomplishment, our certificate scheme encourages skill development and a lifelong love for cycling.


Take on our distance challenge! Tailored to age groups, from 6 laps for Under 8’s to 10 miles for Under 16s, these challenges inspire achievement and excellence on the bike.


From our annual national track race and South Downs hill climb to the thrilling club championships and weekly track league, join us for cycling festivities!

Get into racing

Dive into the thrill of racing at PPYCC. Our program kickstarts young riders into racing, fostering talent that can lead to British Cycling’s talent program and beyond. Join us for an exciting journey in the world of competitive cycling!

Novice racing

Launch your racing journey at Preston Park. Tailored for beginners, our novice, coach-led racing offers a supportive environment to build confidence and skills.

Learn more about novice racing

Regional events

Elevate your game by joining your clubmates at regional races, showcasing prowess and building your skills, fitness and resilience. Engage in fast, exciting racing with the region’s best young riders.

Learn more about regional events

Talent development

Our coaching team recommends talented riders onto the national talent development program, many of these riders have eventually moved onto professional cycling teams.

Learn more about talent development

Past riders

PPYCC has provided the first steps for many successful riders who went on a journey from enthusiastic young participants to accomplished competitive cyclists, some even advancing to professional ranks. Join our legacy of cycling excellence and accomplishments on and off the track.

Read more about our past members

Felix English

Team Ireland, Angry Pablo

Izzy Stone

Isorex, SHIFT Active Media

Lukas Nerurkar

EF Education Team, Team GB

Josh Golliker


Latest News

SCRL track league starts soon

We are excited about the start of SCRL track league next week (17th April), especially given how many of our younger riders have been enthusiastically learning track bike skills to[…]

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Lukas Nerurkar riding Paris Roubaix

Good luck to ex-PPYCC rider Lukas Nerurkar who rides in Paris Roubaix today. Look out for rider 154 and give him a big cheer as he hits the cobbles in[…]

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Track sessions this weekend

We are hoping to run more track bike sessions this weekend if it remains dry. Look out for an announcement by 8am Saturday if it’s too wet for track riding.[…]

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