Saturday morning winter sessions

We hope to keep our older members active over the winter months and plan to alternate road and off-road rides for those 12 years and older. We welcome parents in taking part. These rides will be from 10.00 to 12.00 and will start off gently and be extended as the season progresses; so it is best to get involved early if you are new to longer rides. Occasionally we will get involved in ‘organised’ rides which will be longer in duration.

  • Road rides will depart at 10.00 from the Preston Drove entrance to Preston Park.
  • Off-road rides will depart at 10.00 from the first car park in Waterhall; below the astro pitches.

We hope to provide a coach for all rides but this may not always be possible. Our older members should be capable of riding safely and looking after themselves but for younger members parents should ensure that there is a responsible person to look after their child for each ride. This Saturday coming 5th November Anthony will lead the first road ride.

Please see the calendar to determine the type of ride for the specific day. Riders should refer to what to bring on a road ride in our FAQ section.