Calshot velodrome winter sessions

We are joining with the VC Jubilee to take part in a number of visits to the Calshot velodrome. These sessions will be targeted at different groups of rider to maximise the benefit. The programme is shown here and on our calendar. If you are new to Calshot then please contact one of our coaches for further advice.  Things to note include:

  • Calshot is a velodrome so this is track bikes only.
  • Calshot hires bikes but you have to use their pedals with  Look Keo cleats. If you do not have this pedal system then you can hire shoes
  • You are welcome to use a club bike but should note the need to sort this out well in advance of the date. Club bikes can be held for the winter if you wish.
  • The details below are published in the calendar.
Day Date Month Start Finish Options Coaches Target (experienced = 12+yrs and invited only) Novice Session Experienced Session
Sat 12 Nov 5.10pm 20.10pm Ant Youth oriented and parent/adult novice Intro, group riding x
Sat 3 Dec 3pm 6pm } stay over Sal Youth novice / experienced youth and adult Intro, bunch riding Bunch riding and racing
Sun 4 Dec 8.50am 11.50am } TBC Sal Youth novice / experienced youth and adult Sprint skills focussed Madison intro
Sat 10 Dec 5.10pm 20.10pm Ant Youth experienced and parent/adult x Bunch riding and racing
Sat 25 Feb 3pm 6pm } stay over Sal Youth novice / experienced youth and adult Points/Elimination focussed Points/Elimination focussed
Sun 26 Feb 1pm 5pm } TBC Sal Youth novice 1-3pm and experienced youth and adult 2-5pm Keirin and sprint focussed Madison extended
Sat 10 Mar 11.50am 13.10pm Ant Youth novice / experienced and adults Bunch races Bunch practice races
Sat 10 Mar 3pm 6pm Sal Youth novice / experienced and adults Sprint races Sprint practice races
Sat 24 Mar 5.10pm 8pm } stay over Sal Youth experienced and adult x Bunch races
Sun 25 Mar 1.40pm 5pm } £25.50 B&B Sal Youth novice / experienced and adult Bunch and sprint races Sprint races
Bike hire £10 adult £7.50 youth  (up to 8hrs) Rider Charges for each session
Shoe hire £3.70 Look Keo Adult £15
B&B £25.50 per person per night Youth £10