End of season news

Yesterday was our final Saturday morning session at Preston Park track. The Pedal in Preston Park event was a great occasion with I think 11100 laps being completed during the day [corrections gratefully received]. We definitely beat last year’s total distance. 11100 laps is equivalent to nearly two 2011 Tours de France, or about 3700 miles, or 5920 km.

Tell us your personal totals on the club facebook if you wish. I know that Imogen Gifford age 9 achieved 150 laps [50 miles] and I think Evie Parle [same age] may have made that total too. To my knowledge Sam Booth achieved the highest travelled distance on the day with nearly 75 miles or 119 km.

As it is the end of the season we have updated the Lap Times and Distance challenge page of the website. We have best lap times for 2011 and also lap times and Distance Challenge standards going back to 2008.

Some members are probably elligible for free kit, only one member, Isaac Wright, has so far applied for this having completed the necessary races to qualify. More details are on our kit page. To claim your free kit submit your race results to Anthony.