Members poster competition

Are you a budding designer or artist? PPYCC is keen to get the word out that we are recruiting new members for the season ahead and we thought this would be a good opportunity to run a poster competition for our youth members.

The poster should include our full club name, our website address, club logo and British Cycling Go-Ride logo. Other than that it’s entirely up to you what you put on it. A few guiding points that might inform your design are that we are keen to increase gender and ethnic diversity across all our age groups; and that our club is about having fun and keeping active as much as it is about racing.

If you’d like to use photos then you are free to use any PPYCC photos you can find on our website, Facebook, Instagram or our Shared Photos Drive (you can also find our club logo here). We do have a few members who do not want photos posted publicly, and their wish has been respected in all those locations so you are good to use anything you find there. BC Go-Ride logos can be found on their website.

Parents, please tell younger members about the competition and encourage them to enter. The winner won’t necessarily be the most professional looking design, we are looking for something that is inspiring, creative and captures what it’s like to be part of PPYCC.

Please send entries to by the end of February, and of course do email if you have any questions. The coaching team and committee will judge the results, obviously a lot of parents are in that group so we will apply the same rule as we do when voting for our annual club awards, in that no judge can vote for their own child. There will be a small prize for the winner, and the enjoyment of seeing your work on posters and leaflets across Brighton and Hove. We look forward to seeing your posters later this month!