Could you be a Girls Ambassador at PPYCC?

PPYCC wants to increase the number of girls in our club. We have made good progress the past year by increasing the percentage of girls at Inner Ring from 15% to 35%, which is an improvement on the national average (20%) for British Cycling Go-Ride clubs. However we are still struggling at Outer Ring where we only have a few female riders. Currently we rely on word of mouth for attracting new members but clearly we need a different approach for convincing 12-16 year old girls to come and try PPYCC.

The committee is looking for someone who could drive this forward, maybe by becoming an ambassador for female cycling at PPYCC or, if a number of people are interested, then to form a working group to come up with recommendations and then implement them with the help of the committee and our volunteers. There is plenty of existing guidance available from British Cycling, Sport England and other organisations, this really just needs someone with the drive and time to make it happen.

We want to keep pushing at this until we have 50/50 membership, so there is lots to do and I’m sure there are loads of great ideas from within our membership that we can tap into! Whether you’re a rider (any age), parent or existing volunteer then please email if you’d like to help.