Road ride on Sunday 12th Sept

For riders 12 and older (with parental permission) the next guided road ride will take place this Sunday. The route will be Club Run Route 5.

Meet at the track ready to leave at 10.00am for a two hour ride. There will be no charge but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. This means riders should be capable of safe return if they become separated from the group and that suitable clothing and equipment are used. Similarly these are club rides and not coaching sessions, so will aim to be more continuous ride, with limited stopping. Parents are welcome to join in.

There is no need to worry about speed or fitness, the aim is to ride as a group with no-one left behind!

The rides are not coached sessions and there is not an organiser with legal responsibility for other riders. A club ride is simply a group of riders on a joint excursion on the open road which may include sections on busy roads and descents. Riders participate at their own risk and are expected to obey the Highway Code at all times.

However, although a club ride with its implied self-sufficiency, club representatives will be present and will ride to keep the group together and to lend a hand to those who need it. Thus members are encouraged to take part and, if they are unsure about whether it is suitable for them, to contact the ride organiser, Rex Matthews.

Please ensure your bikes are road worthy, this includes using tyres that are not worn or suffering cuts and nicks.

Please contact Rex at to let him know if you are going, or if you have any questions.

The remaining calendar of rides is: Sunday 12 September, Sunday 10 October.