PPYCC Club Championships 25th September 2021

It’s nearly time for PPYCC 2021 club circuit championships and we’re looking forward to seeing some great racing.

The format of the racing will be a short sprint race followed by a longer circuit race. However, to keep things interesting there will be a sprint lap for points approximately half way through the circuit race and there will be a combativity prize for each age category. The point system for deciding the overall winner in each age category is shown below. 

We hope to have as many rider supporters at the track as possible . However , throughout the races all parents/supporters will need to remain outside the track centre. Unless there’s a mechanical or issue when the riders needs support.

Please remember that to ensure fair racing we do expect riders to adhere to British Cycling age category gear restrictions and we’ll be checking gears following sign on. Below is a link to British Cycling website which provides further information. Essentially though, unless you are running a youth specific cassette on the rear wheel you will need to ‘lock-off’ the ability to change into the large chain ring. This just takes a few minutes and involves tightening the limiting screw that restricts movement of the front derailleur and prevents it from shifting up into the big chainring. There are videos on YouTube for all makes of derailleur and this is a very simple change to make. We really encourage all riders to train and race on the gears for their age group. This helps develop their pedalling technique, particularly high cadence, avoids injuries from riding too large a gear and ensures fairness in racing. So once you’ve made these changes you can leave them in place until next year and if you rider isn’t moving up an age category for another year. 


Age Categories , year rider was born

Youth E 2013 & 2014

Youth D 2011 & 2012

Youth C 2009 & 2010

Youth B 2007 & 2008

Youth A 2005 & 2006

We are running a very tight schedule on Saturday so please can we ask that riders arrive on time. Race Schedule:

Sign-on Youth C,D,E08:4509:10
Warm-up on track09:0009:10
Youth D&E sprint race09:1509:205 mins
Youth C sprint race09:2509:305 mins
Youth D&E circuit race09:3509:5015 mins
Youth C circuit race09:5510:1520 mins
Sign-on Youth A, B10:0010:30
Warm-up on track10:2010:30
Youth B sprint race10:3510:4510 mins
Youth A sprint race10:5011:0010 mins
Youth B circuit race11:0511:3530 mins
Youth A circuit race11:4012:2040 mins

Points system :

In each race the following points will be awarded. Each riders total points across the two races will be used to award the final championship positions in each age category for boys and girls. 1st 20pt, 2nd 15pt , 3rd 12pt 4th 9pt, 5th 7pt,6th 6pt, 7th 5pt, 8th 4pt, 9th 3pt, 10th 2pt …. below 10th place all riders will be awarded 1 point.

Bonus points also will be awarded for a prime lap in the circuit race ,  the start of which will be signified by a whistle or bell halfway through the race. The first 4 riders across the line at the end of that lap will be awarded the following points :1st 5pt, 2nd 3pt, 3rd 2pt, 4th 1pt.

Additionally, to reward attacking and bold moves in the races we will be awarding a combativity prize for each age category.

Just a reminder that if your rider is showing any COVID symptoms please not to bring them to the track session, thank you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on race day !