Train to be a cycle coach [over 18s only]

Preston Park Youth Cycle Club has funding of £1000 from the Co-op for training cycle coaches. We are trying to gain further funding but this won’t happen timely in relation to the course that has become available at East Grinstead:

South East Region (East Grinstead, West Sussex) Reference number 341 10-11 Sept & 3 Dec 2011

We would like to know:


  1.  If you are able to take part in the East Grinstead course.
  2.  If you would like to train as a coach but are unable to make this course.
  3. If , in either case, you would like to use our funds to train as a coach.
  4.  If the places are oversubscribed would you be able to make a contribution to the course costs of £395 [the maximum we would ask is 50%].

 To receive funding from PPYCC we expect you to commit to being one of our coaches for a season. This is not an onerous task and it does not commit you to every weekend of our season [March to October] but just to regular participation in our club session.

If you have any queries please contact Anthony on