Stage Race

 Hi all, Sorry for the short notice but PPYCC is running it’s annual stage race this Friday (12th Sep) and Saturday (13th Sep). Its going to a bit different this year, more low key, and we are just inviting riders from local clubs: PPYCC, VCJ, InGear, Worthing Otters, Bodyworks, (Chris would you tell them please).

On Friday we will have racing starting at 6.30pm at Hove Park for U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and Juniors, and then again on Saturday starting at 10am at Preston Park. It all on freewheel bikes (gears will be checked). There will be 3 events for each age group, on Friday there will be a Road Race and on Saturday there will be a Hill Climb, a Time Trial, and a Road Race. Points will be awarded for finishing position in all races [see below for details] and the person with the most points overall will win.


It’s £2.50 for each day, and if you can only do one day that’s fine. These races are not in the BC calender and will not carry any BC points.Riders should arrive about 30 mins before racing starts to sign on.Thanks Andy

Points 1st Place 10, 2nd 8, 3rd 7 4th 6, 5th 5 all other positions 3.