Session tomorrow

We’re looking forward to a warm and very sunny session tomorrow, what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Please come armed with sun screen and water.B

Both sessions are on road bikes.

Inner Ring riders, some of you will be doing a new activity tomorrow, learning the basics of riding a Madison race. This is a really exciting race format where riders team up in pairs. The older IR riders will be doing this, so if you normally wear cleats the please bring trainers as some of the techniques like rider handovers are mastered while running on the grass.

A reminder of our post earlier in the week, we hope some adults may be able to bring gardening gloves and secateurs as there a LOT of weeds to cut back around the fencing, it would be nice to get the venue looking as nice as possible ahead of our visiting risers and families on Sunday! If you do help, please remember to cut the weeds not uproot them to avoid damaging the track edging.

Thanks to all helpers as always, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.