Call for helpers this weekend

We are nearly ready for the National Youth Omnium on Sunday but have a final few tasks to do before then, such as tidying up the track and baking cakes!

We will have a big tidy-up on Saturday during the club sessions so if you fancy a spot of weed cutting and litter picking please come with secateurs and gardening gloves and find a patch of weeds to tackle. The main priority is the weeds growing around/under the track perimeter fence. An important note though, these should only be cut back to ground level and NOT uprooted. Full weed removal is the job of the council with specialist weed killer, uprooting the live weeds risks damaging the edging of the track surface which we absolutely don’t want to do.

Other jobs are litter picking all around the venue and sweeping anywhere you think needs sweeping. There will be brushes, dustpan, bin bags and a litter grabber in the sign-on hut. If you are able to help, again please just find a spot to work on even if just for 15 mins.

Finally, we all know that cyclists eat LOADS of cake so if you are able to bake one and bring it along on Sunday we’d be ever so grateful, these always generate some good income for the club. Please just drop it off on Sunday in the Cricket Pavilion, Charlie will be running the catering again this year from the Pavilion kitchen rather than on the field itself.

Thanks to all our volunteers as always, these events cannot run without you. The weather is looking good, we have over 80 riders coming from across the southern half of the UK so are looking forward to some exciting racing!