ppycc sport relief sponsored cycle

The PPYCC sport relief sponsored cycle was a great success we had a turn out of about 40 riders. Most of which were under ten so there will be competition in the under ten track league this year.The rider who did the most laps was Ben Gerry with a whopping 96 laps.
Well, were coming down to the facts now, so here is the first: in total we did a massive total of 1766 laps and on a five hundred and 74 meter track (the largest banked track in Britain) that’s a lot, 1013km in fact and for those who don’t get metric its 630 miles in just two hours. Well you probably want to know how much money we made, in the signing-on money alone PPYCC made £96.50 but the moneys not going to us its for the people who really need it. We also raised £112.30 on our cake stall. The sponsor money is sent directly to sport relief by the person who raised it so there is no figure on that yet, but all in all it was a great day and the weather was just perfect.
To find out more about ppycc visit our website at http://www.ppycc.org.co.uk/
Written by rider and organiser Gabriel Parle 11