PPYCC lockdown challenge for May

We hope everyone has been able to get outside and stay active in some way over the past month. Saturday sessions will not restart until at least the first weekend of July, in line with British Cycling guidance. But there are many things you can do to keep practicing bike skills during lockdown, so we are going to run a few challenges through May and June and invite you to share your results with the club!

The first challenge can be done absolutely anywhere. Whether it’s down the park during your outdoor daily exercise time, in your garden, a pavement, car park, anywhere with just a few meters of safe space. The challenge: how long can you hold a Track Stand?

We’ve done this on Saturday mornings many times, but here is a reminder of the technique.

There’s no dark art to it, and by following a number of simple steps with patience and practice, you should be able to hold a Track Stand for a few seconds and build from there. Older riders, if you can already hold a track stand for long periods, try seeing how long you can do it no-handed!

Send us your results by the end of May using this Google form with rider name, date and duration of track stand. Submit the form as many times as you like throughout the month, there’s no need to wait until you know your best time, the coaching team would love to see how you are improving throughout the month.


We would obviously love to see your photos and videos too. We haven’t enabled file uploads in the Google form as that would require everyone to login with a Google account which not all members will have. But you can either:

  1. Share a video or photo from an online service and paste a link into the form
  2. Email your photo or video to chair@ppycc.org.uk
  3. Share it to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag the club account on there.

We will announce the winners for each age group at the end of the month and we will post some of the pictures and videos on our website and YouTube channel. The coaching team look forward to seeing your videos and results throughout the month!

Hint: If you can track stand for more than a few minutes and want to video it, try switching your camera to time lapse for a shorter video.