PPYCC events for May

There is lots going in this month at both club level (all ages) and British Cycling level (Youth A and B) so there’s no excuse not to be on the bike at some point! We’d love to see what you’re up to throughout the month, if you are on social media then please share your photos or videos and tag us on Instagram (@ppycc2016), Facebook (@PPYCC) or Twitter (@PrestonParkYCC).

PPYCC Zwift Rides (all ages)

Following a good turnout of both PPYCC and VC Jubilee riders last week, the PPYCC Zwift sessions will continue each Wednesday at 4pm. Remember Zwift is free for under 16 year olds. If anyone else wants to join in please email club coach paulwheller@yahoo.com.

BC Zwift Rides (Youth A and B)

British Cycling’s May Zwift youth events are now open for entry, including the first ever youth Zwift stage race, the Talent Tour!

British Cycling Zwift Youth Race series is open for all riders who are youth A & B, the race will run from 6:30pm on Thursdays.

British Cycling Zwift Development Centre sessions are only for riders who are youth A & B, session will run from 7:30pm on Tuesdays.

British Cycling Zwift Youth Stage Race: Talent Tour is BCs first ever Zwift stage race! This is for riders who are youth A & B and runs Thurs 21st through to Sat 23rd May.

Entries to all the above BC events are available here: https://t.co/aZsIp6k63d

PPYCC May Challenge (all ages)

It’s not all about training and racing. Don’t forget to have fun and do some skills development with our PPYCC May Challenge, more about this here.

Staying Active (all ages)

See our PPYCC Staying Active page for more ideas on how to remain active in the coming weeks and months for riders of all ages, wider families and younger siblings .