Outer ring today – road bikes

With the slow rate of ground drying we are going to commit to a road bike session today.

SCRL Track Accreditation 

If anyone is wishing to complete their accreditation for racing on Wednesday then we will run some activities which mimic the formats of track racing to allow this to happen. Other opportunities for completing SCRL Accreditation for Preston Park include every Friday evening from 18.30 to 20.00. Accreditation is a two part process which can be viewed on the SCRL website and below.

Part One
1. Complete a safety check of a track bike
2. Demonstrate knowledge of the communication etiquette of racing – arm signals and verbal alerts including: stay, on your right/left
3. Safely mount bike from the fence to start and stop and dismount on the fence.
4. Show continuous vigilance to the position of other riders, with particular reference for when changing line and position on the track.
5. Demonstrate the racing position and how to defend one’s position through correct arm position on the handlebars.
6. Understand when and where to overtake other riders.
7. Adjust pace using the pedals and banking
8. Ride behind, beside and in front of other riders

Part Two
9. Safely accelerate both in and out of the saddle, whilst maintaining direction
10. Safely change position in a close group
11. Safely leave the front of the line in a bunch when moving at speed
12. Maintain line at speed around the second bend
13. Maintain line on the third bend when other riders are coming over the top at speed
14. Demonstrate understanding of the common SCRL race formats – scratch, points, handicap, elimination, dash, unknown distance etc