NO Outer Ring session this Saturday 9th September

As previously advertised, PPYCC has an overnight trip this weekend, and therefore there will be NO Outer Ring session this weekend. However, if you are not joining the trip, we can suggest some Saturday morning cycling alternatives!!……

  1. Ride some laps/join PPYCC friends for some training at the Velodrome 10.30-11.30 until……This week is British Science week, and science journalist Max Glaskin is leading a cycling science ride, ending at Preston Park Velodrome for some experiments investigating tyre rolling resistance and air resistance. This will include a rider on a recumbent bike who will be challenging riders to keep up with him on their upright bikes!

All PPYCC members are very welcome to join the experiments, which will be held 11.30-12 noon at the Velodrome.

2. Join PPYCC for some, or all, of the mountain bike ride to Gumber Bothy (you will need to be able to get back without the club later in the day if you are not joining the overnight stay)

3. Organise your own road ride with PPYCC friends (only with parental permission)