Train as a PPYCC Young Volunteer in October half-term

British Cycling offers members the opportunity to attend a free course to become a club volunteer and gain certification for supporting the club which can also be counted towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award. The Cycling Award for Young Volunteers is aimed at 14 – 16 years olds and provides good developmental progression for individuals within sport but based on non-physical attributes.

The club is targeting the next course in October on Monday 23rd October at Cyclopark in Kent. With several members already committed to attending we hope to get a high turnout of volunteers who can then work their way through the award by supporting our activities at the club.

With the club promoting two cyclo-cross races, a club road racing championships and an AGM through October and November there is plenty of opportunity to start volunteering.

Members, why not enrol on the course alongside one or more club friends and then share the travel to the course?

To enrol use this link: 

To find out more refer to this leaflet: CAYV FAQ or speak to an existing club volunteer.

The CAYV allows older members to apply to be part of British Cycling’s National Youth Committee. Past member Josh Fanner held this distinction for two years regularly attending events organised at the National Cycling Centre and elsewhere.