[News of] Our members from the North [West Tour]

Report from the North West Youth Tour following Stage 2
Lukas Nerurkar, Freddie Newman, Rahul FT (all U14) and Luke Goodwill (U12) are all representing PPYCC at the NWYT 2017. This is a 4 event competition, staged over 3 days in Lancashire and like the Grand Tours, riders are placed according to the General Classification. The events are designed to test riders across a variety of abilities, with an individual time trial, hill stage and 2 circuit stages.
Saturday was the first stage, the individual time trial on Morecambe promenade. Following scorching weather, thunderstorms were predicted in the afternoon. On cue, before the PPYCC boys rolled off the starting ramp, thunder rolled and rain poured, making the course wet and slippy, with a hairpin bend half way through, it was time to be more cautious, and this was reflected in the results, with Freddie finishing 16th [perhaps reflecting his cycle-cross skills, given the weather], Rahul 22nd, Lukas 42nd and Luke 20th.
Sunday was the 2nd stage, a long hill climb on a closed road circuit in Lancaster. The weather was perfect, not too hot and dry, but the course was technically difficult, and there were several accidents in the earlier Junior and Youth races, some ending in hospital trips, and we wish all those involved a speedy recovery. Thankfully all our riders finished with no problems, with Freddie putting in a fantastic performance, working on the front of the main group behind the 3 leaders, and finishing 10th! Lukas and Rahul also put in sterling performances, finishing 25th and 28th respectively, whilst Luke rode strongly in the U12’s, finishing 9th.
The boys current GC standings are: Freddie 10th, Lukas 25th, Rahul 28th and Luke 10th.
Wishing the boys every luck for their 3rd and 4th stages, they are all hoping to improve their GC standings tomorrow.