Member’s racing this weekend

With some members racing at the North West Tour, based around Lancaster and Morecambe, we await news of their results. Meanwhile …..
… at Cyclopark in Gravesend members were at the regular Friday night racing.
Josh Ballinger unfortunately had his first crash when several riders went down on the finish sprint.  It was one of those avoidable incidents and the rider responsible, not a PPYCC member, was spoken to by the Commissaire.  Josh is a bit battered and bruised but is more upset about his race suit and that he couldn’t race the next day. The fact that the saddle has been half ripped off and a hood is broken appears to have escaped him.  We have to admire his determination and hope that the parents can accommodate the repair bill! Crashes are part and parcel of cycling and you do not have to be at fault to be involved in one, however those riders who are part of a club, like PPYCC, where regular coaching advice and training is given, are less likely to be the cause of an incident and also reduce their chances of being involved in a crash.
Other members had better fortune; Jacob James was also there and although he didn’t finish in the points he did finish in the bunch which was really good for only his second race there.  Lloyd Costello was racing in the under 16s and we await news of his performance.