New Season Outer ring session Saturday 4th March

Tomorrow’s Outer Ring session will be a great opportunity for any Inner Ring riders who are moving up to the Outer Ring. Many of our older members will be racing and so new riders to the Outer Ring will be particularly welcome.

We hope to be visited by past member Felix English who is briefly back visiting his parents after winning the Gold medal, with his team mate Mark Downey, in the Madison event at the Los Angeles Track World Cup event. Hopefully he will have some of his medals to show. Felix is aiming to peak for the Track Cycling World Championships in mid-April.

You are advised to bring some warm clothing as the session will start with a bike check, before we start riding. Indeed you are advised to check your bike works before joining the session as anyone with an unsafe bike will not be allowed to take part.

That all sounds a bit serious, however we hope you will come ready to enjoy improving your skills and your fitness in our season opener.