Calling all PPYCC riders and parents!

The following message is from Alison, PPYCC coach, who has been working hard to promote the importance of maintaining the track to the council…..
 Calling all riders and parents!
Please help show Brighton & Hove City Council that Preston Park cycle track is valued by its users.
Come to Hove Town Hall at 4pm wearing PPYCC kit.
Alison, PPYCC coach, is presenting a question to the Council’s EDC (Economic Development and Culture) Committee about the upkeep and maintenance of Preston Park cycle track THIS THURSDAY (9th March) BETWEEN 4pm and 4:30pm.
It would be very helpful to have lots of PPYCC riders and parents in the viewing gallery, to show the Committee the level of interest and passion for the future of the velodrome.
Just arrive at Hove Town Hall in plenty of time for the 4pm Committee meeting start, and tell them at reception that you’re there to listen to the EDC Committee meeting.
Thank you.