Message from Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy

Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy have dropped PPYCC a line to say that they have started recruitment for their 2021 intake of riders. The academy is not for profit, free of charge (paid for by your LEA as it serves riders from Years 12 and 13), offers accommodation and BTEC education for 2 years alongside full time training. It is NOT a race team and riders are encouraged to continue racing for their existing clubs.

There is no application deadline but riders and families currently in Year 11 will likely want to know what they are doing for Years 12 and 13 pretty soon! There will not be an open day and trial as normal this year and instead they will be using a combination of a questionnaire, rider data and some other fun remote/online tasks in order to select riders.

A number of riders have entered the Academy from south coast clubs over the past few years and it is not too far away, based at the Gosling Stadium velodrome at Welwyn Garden City.

The booklet for 2021-22 is available online:

More on the website at or contact