Have your say on cycling infrastructure in Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove City Council have launched a major consultation on active travel (walking, cycling, scooting) in the city. There is a particular focus on upgrades to the A23 cycle lane from Preston Park to Patcham Roundabout, possible improvements and an extension to the temporary cycle lanes installed along Old Shoreham Road, and improvements to the seafront cycle route between West Pier and the turnoff to Shoreham Harbour.

This is the most important cycle route consultation in our city for a generation. When the council was given central government funding to put in temporary cycle lanes as a Covid response, a promise was made to hold public consultations to ask for feedback, with the possibility of then receiving more money to make continued improvements and maybe even make temporary schemes permanent if appropriate. So now is your chance to give that feedback.

As a rider, if you have any concerns about the quality of cycle provision on these routes, or comments on how safe you feel riding along them, please do take the time to respond. As a parent, if you have any concerns about letting your children ride on these routes or even accessing the routes safely from surrounding areas, please also take the time to respond.

Preston Park is mentioned in the consultation with regards to the A23 improvements as this is obviously the main access road to our amazing park and velodrome. Many of our members live along the A23 corridor. If that’s you, do you feel safe riding to club on Saturday mornings? Or do you come by car with younger riders due to safety concerns? All things to think about.

Be warned, it’s a long survey and took me over 30 minutes to complete. But it’s time very well spent as these opportunities don’t come along very often, plus on this occasion there is actual, real money from central government waiting to be spent on cycling infrastructure, quite a rarity! Let’s help to ensure it’s spent wisely.

Consultation link is below.