Key Races for 2010 update

bsca_entry.pdf BC track entry form  BC Road Entry  PPYCC are keener than ever to see our riders go to key race events this year. As British Cycling’s ‘Club of the Year’ we ought to make sure that the club kit can be seen as widely as possible. We also have a very strong Under 12 [youth C] section in the club and this is a good age to start racing seriously. To enter major competitions needs advance planning and so we urge you to consult the key race planner below. Please note that the key regional races are nearly all in May and June. Also consult our calendar for further opportunities and use the links below for entry forms.We are happy to see younger riders race but do not feel there is a need for these members to do anything more than enjoy the many local racing opportunities; though see next paragraph below.

The BSCA National Track Championships on the 2nd of May has a non-standard entry and we must register you, in addition to your entry, before 17th April so move fast for this race; this is also particularly good for Under 8s and Under 10s to race; though note that all of Youth C to E must use ordinary geared bikes, only A and B use track bikes. On your entry form enter S 1099 for membership number and select both regional and national events entry at £8.

If you are interested in attending the National Track Championships in August then you should have a chat with Anthony early in the season.

PPYCC Key Races Calendar 2010                                                                                                                                                                                    

Event                                                  Location                     Event Date                 Entry Deadline

BSCA Track Champs                         Portsmouth                 02/05/2010                       17th April

National Circuit Series                      Hillingdon                     08/05/2010                      17th April

Southern Youth Omnium                 Welwyn                        15/05/2010                          7th May

Southern Youth Omnium                 Reading                         05/06/2010                        22nd May

Southern Youth Omnium                 Preston Park               12/06/2010                         22nd May

National Circuit Series                      Milton Keynes            19/06/2010            assumed 29th May

BSCA National Circuit Champs        Hog Hill/Redbridge    18/07/2010             assumed 4th July

National Criterium Championships  Hog Hill/Redbridge         24/07/10                        3rd July

Youth Track Championships            Newport, Wales       23rd to 27th August 2010        24th July