Children’s racing bikes for sale [now sold]

Decathlon 7.0 

Former club members Jack and Toby Court are offering their small racing bikes for sale. Details and photos can be seen here. These bikes are the same as some of the bike the club has and are basic bikes but absolutely good value and good enough to do all that is needed for a child aged about 7 – 11 years.

Tristan, father of Jack and Toby, says….

Decathlon 7.0 Sport racing bikes.The bike have had little use since new as my boys pretty much gave up road/track cycling after i brought them. They will suit someone age 7-11 (depending on size). Both are in really good condition although there are a few scuffs from being moved around in the shed. I am looking for £60 each.  If anyone is interested I can be contacted in the evenings or weekends on 01273 381804.