Free coaching webinars for youth riders

Project Pau is a community for like-minded youth riders aged 13-18. It is run by Team Pau who also run an Academy for 100 riders which offers free individual training but they also run free weekly training webinars for ANY youth riders who wish to attend. These are every Monday from 7:15pm.

Having attended one of these recently, I can vouch that the webinars are really valuable sessions. They cover topics like season planning, essential nutrition, bike maintenance and more. The Monday sessions are intended to be a safe space for youngsters to learn and gain confidence among like minded youth riders, and the organisers are particularly keen for those to attend who wouldn’t otherwise get, or can’t afford, paid individual coaching.

You just need to register to gain access to the free Project Pau training webinars. Riders on the mailing list will receive the link by email each week and the webinars are free for any youth rider to attend. Next week’s session has a live Q&A with Ben Turner from INEOS Grenadiers, so should be full of really great insights.

A parents webinar is also planned for later in the season which should be useful for PPYCC families.

You can register for the weekly webinars at

More information on Team Pau is at