Covid safety at Saturday sessions

One week to go! I hope you’re all keeping well, I know many riders are itching to get back to the track again on Saturday 3rd April. As with the return from the first lockdown, there will be plans in place to support social distancing and hygiene. 

Rider numbers

The guidance from British Cycling is that our normal coach to rider ratios can apply, which is 15 riders per coach. So we don’t need to operate the weekly pre-registration scheme that we did last summer when we were restricted to 5 riders per coach. So you can just turn up as normal, 10-15 mins before your session starts. 

There are no restrictions around group riding for outdoor coached activities, so there will be some group riding activities taking place although the groups will be fairly small in size.

Sign-on procedure

We are operating a one-way entrance and exit system so all riders should enter the venue via the North gate (the normal sign-on gate) and exit via the South gate (by the containers).

Only riders should enter the track area, parents must stay outside.

We remain keen that our volunteers are not handling cash, if you do need to bring cash then please bring correct change so you can just drop it into the tin.

Session exit

All Inner Ring riders must exit via the South gate (by the containers) to avoid bottlenecks with Outer Ring riders arriving for their session.

Please leave either via the steps down to the park or around the south side of the velodrome, to avoid going back up past the entrance gate.

Inner Ring / Outer Ring handover

On arrival, Outer Ring riders please wait on the grass at the North side of the field until the Inner Ring have all left via the South gate by the containers.

Social distancing and hygiene

Do not share your belongings – mobile devices, bikes, equipment, food or drink.

Try not to touch things while at the track, such as other peoples bikes, cricket equipment, railings, etc.

If you take off layers, don’t leave them all in a big pile, keep your stuff separate from other riders clothes.

No physical contact – hugs, high fives, handshakes, etc.

Maintain ‘one meter plus’ distance from others throughout the session.

The shipping containers will be out of bounds to riders and parents to avoid congregating in a confined space.

We won’t have the toolkit out to avoid sharing tools, so please ensure your bikes are ready to go, tyres well pumped up and saddles at the right height.

Parents and spectators

If spectating, please maintain your distance from other spectators, we don’t foresee any problems here as we are the largest track in the country with nearly 600 metres to spread out around the outside of the track!

Be mindful about holding onto the railings, or letting siblings climb on them. This has been a busy public space in the preceding days.

Please collect your child and leave as soon as possible at the end of the session.

Food and drink

Riders should bring their own food and drink to the session and must not share with other riders.

Bottles should be clearly labelled and rubbish disposed of safely, we will have a bin where you can safely deposit snack wrappers, banana skins, etc.

Fit a bottle cage to the bike if possible, this will eliminate water bottles lying around.

First aid

All PPYCC coaches are qualified first aiders and there are no changes to our normal first aid procedures other than PPE (below).

If working in close proximity, the first aider will use a surgical face mask and gloves, this is the only difference that you may see in the (rare!) occasion that we apply first aid.

If you get sick after the session

Notify ASAP if you feel unwell or develop symptoms and follow NHS guidance as needed.

Please rest assured we are all working to make our return to the track a safe and fun experience not just for riders, but for volunteers, coaches and parents too. We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday 3rd April and look forward to a fun and exciting season ahead!

If you have any specific questions or concerns please email

P.S. Please also ensure you have renewed your membership for the new season before returning on the 3rd, thankyou.