Could you be the first King or Queen of the South Downs?

The Stolen Goat South Downs series 2021 is a challenge open to anyone who likes riding bikes up hills as fast as they can! Hill Climbing is a quintessentially British phenomenon and this is a brand new series of cycling events stitched together by local clubs and sponsored by Stolen Goat!

There are 6 events in the series and you can earn points at each event that will contribute to a total in which you can win prizes and maybe get crowned a prince or princess of the Downs.

Sir Bradley Wiggins spinning up the Beacon â’¸ SPORTIVE.COM

These events are a fun intro to Time Trialling if you haven’t done one before and intensely competitive if you’re looking to win one! Many of the events take place on quiet and safe roads however, the last two in particular will be on closed roads with no traffic (Butts Lane and Ditchling Beacon). This makes them about as safe and enjoyable as road racing can get.

All of the events accept entries from riders who are 12 years of age or older. Young riders and supporting friends and families are very welcome to ride and spectate along the course. All riders will receive a commemorative postcard of the event, there are six to collect.

Round 1: 02-Oct-21 Sussex CA Steyning Bostal

Round 2: 09-Oct-21 Brighton Mitre CC Steyning Bostal

Round 3: 09-Oct-21 14:30 Brighton Mitre CC Mill Hill

Round 4: 16-Oct-21 East Sussex CA Firle Beacon

Round 5: 16-Oct-21 Beachy Head Cycling Club Butts Lane

Round 6: 07-Nov-21 Sussex Nomads CC at Ditchling Beacon, closed road

More information on the series website here:

Email: peter@brainybikers. com Mobile: 07391634879

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