Competition winners and new competition announced

Belatedly the winners of our competition for naming our coaching groups can be announced. A new competition is announced below.

Our two main coaching groups are: Outer Ring [the more experienced group] and Inner Ring [the less experienced group]. cialis 5mg These names were suggested by Freddie Newman who wins a pair of Solo arm warmers.

The Inner Ring are subdivided into their three groups based on the colours of some of the prize jerseys in the Tour de France. We now have our most experienced Inner Ring group known as White [for the best under 25 rider in the Tour], our middle group is Green [for the points leader of the Tour] and our novice group are Yellow [for the leader of the Tour]. Ella Honey wins a heart rate monitor for her suggestions.

Design a logo

PPYCC needs a logo and we have a pair of Lezyne Femto lights and a Raleigh combined track pedal and wheel spanner. These items have a combined value of £37. Please submit your logo on paper, or electronically to Anthony by Saturday August 9th. This competition is open, to members, family and friends. The quality must be good enough for us to reproduce the logo on our club kit and on IT applications.

Guidance for our logo.

  1. We are predominantly a youth cycle club.
  2. We are family oriented.
  3. We encourage and enjoy successful racing from our members.
  4. We are based at a velodrome.