PPYCC Crowd Source Purchasing [one week only]

PPYCC is able to purchase cycle clothing and equipment at below retail price and so  we should more actively pass this opportunity on to our members.

The idea is to identify kit that would be useful to a group of members/families and if enough people sign up to purchase we can achieve a discount. If this works out we can repeat the opportunity. Similarly if you have ideas for what we might buy then please let us know by using the contact details below. To start us off are three suggestions below.

  1. Polaris mini-adventure short RRP £16.99, if 10 or more sign up we can buy these for £12.50
  2. Lezyne Stainless Steel – 12 multi-tool in gold RRP £29.99, if 6 or more sign up we can buy these for £20.
  3. Raleigh Protector 300 Shackle Lock & cable RRP 26.99, if 10 or more sign up we can buy these for £15

Email your interest [and for shorts size choice] to info@truewheels.co.uk by Saturday 2nd August if you wish to take part with any of these three items, or if you have other suggestions.