AGM and Awards update

We hope you’re looking forward to the AGM and Awards on Saturday 23rd. It’s at 3pm at Knoyle Hall just around the corner from the track.

The first half hour will be the official stuff – committee reports where we look back over the year, followed by a short committee election at the end.

From 3.30pm onwards we will have a variety of activities and presentations led by various members of the coaching and volunteering team, which nearly all involve the opportunity for you to win something!

A cycling quiz to test your knowledge and win prizes.

Certificate presentations for those who have recently gained Level 1 or Level 2 skills awards, and also performance certificates for everyone who participated in a distance challenge during the season.

Updates from the coaching team about achievements beyond the track such as regional and national race performances from our members plus news about upcoming winter road rides and off-road sessions.

Club raffle with prizes galore including loads of cycling kit, bike accessories and vouchers. Daisy and Teresa will be circulating on the day with tickets and can take either cash or contactless card.

Awards presentation where we will have over 40 medals to give out and 10+ trophies and shields for coaches award, club order of merit, club rider award, best club performance plus a new category of awards to recognise the amazing achievements of our riders in regional and national races this season.

Besides all of this there will be a kit shop well stocked with new PPYCC club kit as well as plenty of second hand gear. And of course we’ll have a well stocked kitchen for all your tea and cake needs. Please do consider donating a homemade cake if you are able, please just bring it with you on the day!

All proceeds raised from the raffle, club kit and kitchen will go to the club. If you have a bike for sale, you’re welcome to bring it along and find a space for it, but please be aware that the club cannot take responsibility for the security of bikes left unattended.

There will be a Saturday morning session as usual on the 23rd, and then our final Saturday session of the year will be the following weekend, 30th October, before we restart at the track on the first Saturday of March 2022!