We need your cakes [and other support] for the Omnium

Next Saturday [12th June] is the PPYCC Southern Series Youth Omnium. This is the biggest event we organise each year and we could not do it without the support of parents, members and friends such as those of the VC Jubilee. Anthony has asked many people about helping and has had a good response. If you wish to chip in then please turn up from 08.30 on the day and we can allocate you a role. We will not need many people for the whole day and so if you can’t make it early but have an hour to spare later then we can find you something to do at any time of the day; report to Anthony or notify him in advance.If you are a PPYCC member and not competing we would like you to come and cheer on our members who are riding and also riders from other clubs, as the PPYCC promotion is renown for being a  friendly occasion and we would like to keep our reputation high in the eyes of visitors.Whether a member or a parent we would welcome your home baked goods for a our refreshment stall – for which we are also renown. If you are able to donate something then please bring it to the track on the morning of the event.If anyone has any prizes they would like to donate to  riders then please let Anthony know by email at anthony@ppycc.org.uk before the event.