Volunteers needed on Wednesday race nights at Preston Park

Please see below the request from the committee of the Sussex Cycle Racing League who provide most of the racing our children attend. cialis online May I endorse the comment that you do not need to be an expert to help and occasional help is very welcome. I might also add that judging races is great fun and gets you near the thick of the action.”Thankfully the long nights are finally over and in just over a week the racing at Preston Park will get underway once again. As always at this time of year we are seeking volunteers to help keep the track league running over the summer. Many of our dedicated volunteers are returning to help out this year however several key individuals did step down at the end of last season and we are even more desperate than ever for fresh faces to join the team. Help is needed across the board and as a reminder the sort of things you can get involved in are as follows:• Signing-on• Judging• Gear checking• Commentating• Report writing• Result recording• First aid• Setting up and putting awayWith the exception of first aid, no qualifications or previous experience are needed for these roles and the existing team will be more than happy to help bring you up to speed. If you can help out in any capacity whatsoever, even if it’s only for one or two evenings in the season, please can you get in touch by emailing me at chair@scrl.co.uk “