Upcoming RSRs

For those that do not know RSRs are Regional Schools of Racing which are, usually, day programmes aimed at developing the skills of the more ambitious Youth B and Youth A riders. RSRs have to be applied to by the rider who should also notify Anthony that they have made an application. Sometimes the club is asked to nominate riders. Most applications are to John Scripps who has sent the details below and is our regional Youth Development Coach.Unfortunately the latest message for RSRs lay languishing at the bottom of my inbox and I realise that some of the deadlines passed yesterday. If particularly interested in these then please apply to John immediately by email [and copy in Anthony], I have explained to him that I have missed the deadline. The remaining sessions are mainly mtb sessions and we do not often have riders apply to these; so if you are keen feel free to put yourself forward. John will select the riders from across the SE who he feels will gain most from the session and this does not mean complete novices but established high performing riders or competent riders wanting to make the next step.John’s message:

Hi all,

 Hope this email finds you well. I am writing to let you know of the next Regional Schools of Racing that are coming up in the near future. We have made a conscious decision to avoid weekends in May, as we know that this is the busiest time of year in the youth racing calendar. Following a recent email/discussion to Central region coaches, I have also decided to change the date of the next circuit RSR. Here are the full details.


Central Circuit RSR – Tuesday 31st May 2011, Milton Keynes. This session replaces the original date of Saturday 11th June, and was changed to avoid being on the weekend, and the day before the Reading regional track omnium. Nominations are now open for this, and will close on Friday 13th May. Letters will be sent out to nominated/invited riders in the morning post of Monday 16th May


South East Circuit RSR – Thursday 2nd May 2011. Nominations are also now open for this, and close on Friday 13th May. Letters will be sent out morning of Monday 16th May. Thanks to those of you that have already sent in nominations for this.


The third circuit RSR will look at riding in the line, echelon work, attacking, riding in breaks and across to breaks. The workshop will be on training.


MTB RSR2 – Southern Regions – Saturday 18th June 2011, Queen Elizabeth Country Park, near Petersfield. Nominations for this session will open on Friday 27th May, and will close on Friday 3rd June. This RSR is the second in the series, which will follow on from the RSR we held at Haldon forest earlier this year. If your riders were unable to attend the RSR at Haldon, we have decided to hold an extra RSR, covering what was learned on Tuesday 31st May 2011. Please see details below.


Extra MTB RSR – Venue TBC – Tuesday 31st May 2011. Although this date is the same as the Central circuit RSR, we have decided that due to the number of Mountain Bikers that were unable to attend our first RSR at Haldon, to put on this extra session, covering the core skills learned. RSR2 looks again at the core skills learned in RSR1 and progresses them in a more terrain specific context, so it’s important that the riders attend RSR 1 before attending RSR2. Nominations are open for this session today, and close on Friday 13th May. Letters will be sent to riders on morning post of Monday 16th May.


National School of Racing – Warncliffe, Yorkshire, Wed 1st June 2011. Please do not forget about this if your riders wish to attend, as of Wednesday this week 35 of the 50 places had been taken up. 


Please find attached the RSR planner, which has included the changes and all the nomination/letter deadlines.


If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to give me a call.


Kind Regards,


John ScrippsTalent Development Coach – South East and Central Regions – Great Britain Cycling TeamBritish Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ    Mobile: +44 (0)7515 606630    |    johnscripps@britishcycling.org.uk