Unicycling and canoeing the River Spey

Longstanding member of PPYCC Imogen Cain, who now is working in outdoor pursuits in Scotland, recently used a canoe and unicycle to travel the length of the River Spey. She did this in aid of lunacy and charity. If you fancy being a lunatic then you can have ago too, if you fancy giving to charity then why not donate online in her name at www.justgiving.co.uk/Imogen-Peddle . She was raising money to help FRANK Water Projects, they are a small, very efficient charity that funds sustainable, clean water projects in developing countries.


Imogen says….”The unicycling turned out to be as crazy an idea as i had feared but somhow quite good fun too. Think i did somwhere in the region of 75 miles along the speyside way which turned into the actul Spey on a few occasions due to all the rain we’ve had which in turn lead to some crawling through the tree’s to avoid wet feet, a pointless gesture really as my feet still ended up the inevitable soaking wet. The random people along the way were limited but still in existence, the man that thought i’d robbed a bike for example, he genuinely thought I was just carrying a wheel (this was at 1 of the unridable sections). Also, i can’t forget the 2 lovely old dears on the bus that gave me sponsorship on the way back.
The canoe-ey bit before that went swimmingly (quite literally at the end). Flew down the 1st 3 days twice as fast as i expected leaving me full of hope for the last day. Unfortunately that hope was dashed within about 10seconds of getting in the boat when it ejected me again into the icy depths of the river spey. Okay, maybe thats a bit dramatic, considering its the end of November the water was actually quite warm and i returned to the bank with only the loss of a paddle to show for it. That did however end the last days paddling which was a bummer. Other than that i really enjoyed myself, sore butt an’ all. Imogen and her equipment