Track is back, Sat 5th March!

We are looking forward to seeing riders back at the track tomorrow for the first track session of the season. As usual, the season runs from first Saturday of March to last Saturday of October.

Same times as always, so Inner Ring starts 9am and Outer Ring at 10.30, please arrive 10 mins early so the coaches can start on time. Remember to bring a drink and snack, and please do wrap up warm (including long fingered gloves) as it is still cold out there and the sessions will start with full bike and safety checks before we start getting warmed up and riding.

Please check your bike works before joining the session as while the coaches will oversee safety checks we cannot help to fix bikes so anyone with an unsafe bike may not be allowed to continue. Grown-ups, your riders should all know the M-check by now so that could be an after-school job for today, if they need a reminder then check out the video below.

Inner Ring riders who moved up or started transitioning to Outer Ring at end of last season, please attend Outer Ring only from now on. Outer Ring will be road bikes for the first few weeks but we will be getting in plenty of track bike sessions this season, as we have had more PPYCC coaches track-accredited over the winter. Other Inner Ring riders who think they may be ready to move up, please alert the coaches and we can talk about your transition plan.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and getting a new Preston Park season underway 🙂