Track cycling in the Outer Ring and track accreditation

Finally the weather is giving us a glimpse of spring….and the track season at Preston Park, organised by Sussex Cycle Race League, is due to begin in 2 weeks on 18th April , more information at their website

The regional rounds of the British Cycling Youth Track Omniums are also due to start, PPYCC sits in the South Region, with our Omnium to be held on 13th May, and the first in the group is coming up on 15th April at Portsmouth.

For PPYCC sessions, the Outer Ring will also begin their track season (always with the proviso of weather conditions) from this Saturday, 7th April. The club website calender has been updated to show each week whether riders should expect track bike, or the occasional road bike, sessions, allowing riders to plan ahead for each weekend session.  However, if the conditions are very damp or wet, this will preclude track bikes and an update will be posted on the website prior to the session, so please check for the latest information before leaving for the session each week!

For riders who are new to track cycling, PPYCC will be incorporating accreditation sessions within the Outer Ring, these are open to all Inner and Outer Ring riders who would like to gain experience and skill on a track bike, and accreditation is imperative prior to racing on a track bike at Preston Park. The 1st accreditation session will run this weekend, for riders who require a track bike, please arrive early to ensure you are able to have a correctly sized bike and are therefore able to start the session on time at 10.30am

We look forward to seeing you at the track, please email me if you have any further questions regarding track riding.