Track bikes this Saturday

The weather is looking dry so this Saturday (2nd April) will be on track bikes at both Inner Ring and Outer Ring sessions where we will continue the accreditation journey for riders wishing to race at the SCRL Weds night track league which starts on 20th April.

Inner Ring riders – bring your usual bikes

At Inner Ring we will aim to have one group of riders spending an hour on the club’s track bikes before getting back on their regular bikes to join the rest of the riders in the session for the big race at the end. The other group will do activities on their normal bikes for the whole session. We will prioritise riders for track bikes who are registered either for SCRL Track League or the Lee Valley PPYCC session in June. If you’re not in this group but still want to ride track bikes then don’t worry, we will still get to you in future weeks once this first group is accredited.

All Inner Ring riders should just turn up as normal at 8.45am with their regular bike and the coaches will sort out the track group at the start of the session.

Outer Ring riders – track bikes only

At Outer Ring, all riders will be on track bikes so there is no need to bring road bikes at all. Please bring your own track bike if you have one. We will split into two groups again so that novice riders have a safe space to learn and get accredited before being allowed into the main group. Experienced riders may be enlisted to help demonstrate skills and set the pace for the accreditation group.

The Outer Ring session will be accessible to all riders who enjoy riding their bike, whether interested in track racing or not. For riders who require a loan track bike, please arrive a little bit early to ensure you are able to have a correctly sized bike and are therefore able to start the session on time at 10.30am

Weather dependent

Track cycling is weather dependent, so if the conditions are very damp or wet, this will preclude track bikes and an update will be posted on the website prior to the session. Therefore please do check the website for the latest information before leaving for the session each week.