Track bikes on Saturday

Assuming the weather stays dry, this Saturday (7th May) will be on track bikes. For those riders still seeking accreditation to race at SCRL Weds night track league we will continue with their skills journey.

Inner Ring riders – bring your track bike if you have one

If you don’t have a track bike, just turn up as normal at 8.45am with your regular bike and the coaches will sort out the track group at the start of the session. We do need to keep track and road bike groups separate for safety reasons so this means there won’t be a mass race at the end.

Outer Ring riders – track bikes only

At Outer Ring, all riders will be on track bikes so there is no need to bring road bikes at all. Please bring your own track bike if you have one, otherwise we will fit you out with a loan bike. We may split into two groups so that novice riders have a safe space to learn and, if necessary, continue their accreditation before being allowed into the main group. Experienced riders may be enlisted to help demonstrate skills and set the pace for the accreditation group.

We would also be grateful for any parents at Outer Ring who could don a hiviz vest and become perimeter marshalls from 11-12.00.

Well done to all recently accredited riders who have been down to SCRL Weds night track league, it’s been really great to see so many youth riders lined up on the start line. The higher pace can be a bit of a shock at first but riders in their first season at the league should remember it’s more about building experience and friendships at this stage than about winning. Well done everyone!