Track bike sessions in April

It looks like spring is finally here and as the weather improves and as the Wednesday night Sussex Track League draws nearer, we can start to think about the track cycling season again. On Saturday 8th and 15th April we hope to be on track bikes.

We are NOT running the usual Inner Ring and Outer Ring sessions, so parents please do read this whole post carefully to ensure your rider joins the right group and knows what to expect.

The 09.00 session will be an ALL AGES (8-16) GROUP for track bike novices and anyone seeking track accreditation to enable them to race at track league. This group should include those who rode at Saturday track sessions last season and may have achieved track accreditation, but DID NOT race at track league.

The 10.30 session will also be an ALL AGES (8-16) GROUP for those who are already track accredited AND have track racing experience. This experience may be from SCRL, other track leagues or British Cycling club cluster sessions. This session will focus on preparing more experienced riders for the new track league season.

09.00 Track novices / accreditation session (all ages)

If you’ve not ridden a track bike before, then this British Cycling resource is a useful starting point: Anatomy of a Track Bike. As well as having fun, acquiring new skills and learning to ride track bikes safely, we are aiming to help riders achieve track accreditation if they wish to do so.

Track accreditation is required for any riders who wish to race at the Sussex Track League which runs weekly from Weds 19th April. Accreditation takes 2-3 sessions over multiple weeks and is assessed by specialist track coaches. The league runs until August, if it’s your first season it doesn’t matter about being ready for Week 1 so we don’t rush the accreditation, it takes as long as it takes but is usually completed in 2-3 hours of track time.

We appreciate that not every rider wants to race at track league. Therefore our coaches design the novice track cycling sessions to be accessible to all riders who enjoy riding their bike, whether interested in track racing or not. We encourage all our regulars to join these sessions as riding a track bike is a great skill to accomplish and really good fun!

Please do bring your own track bike if you have one. For riders who require a loan track bike, we will have volunteers ready to help find you a correctly sized bike. Please don’t come earlier than 08.45 as we won’t be ready for bike setups until then.

Riders should wrap up warm as there is lots of time OFF the bike for safety and technique briefings.

10.30 Track racing practice session (all ages)

Riders must be track accredited already AND must have existing track racing experience either from Sussex track league, other track leagues or British Cycling club cluster sessions. This session will focus on preparing riders for the new track league season ahead. The session will include a mix of riders who have been racing on indoor velodromes through the winter as well as those who have not raced track since the league ended last August, so will be split into ability groups accordingly. More experienced riders may be asked to help set the pace and demonstrate techniques to the less experienced group.

Please bring your own track bike if you have one. For riders who require a loan track bike, we will have volunteers ready to help find you a correctly sized bike, please arrive from 10.00 if you need a loan bike and head for the bike container.

SCRL Track League

SCRL Track League starts up on Wednesday nights at Preston Park from Weds 19th April and runs through to August. For more info on SCRL and how to register, see

Please do not leave it until the last minute to register or they will be overwhelmed with admin work, early registration is always greatly appreciated.

Track bike season loans

PPYCC has track bikes in three wheel sizes: 24 inch, 650C (26 inches) and 700C (27 inches).

We have plenty of 650C and 700C bikes so once you have completed accreditation, if you are planning to race SCRL regularly then you can take a bike home for the season. This will save time with bike fits each week. Please do not ask for a bike loan unless planning to race regularly at track league.

We only have a few 24 inch bikes though, so the 24″ bikes are NOT available to loan and need to be kept at the track and used by whoever needs them.

As usual, no charge applies for bike loans but you are responsible for general maintenance of the bike and keeping it in good working order, replacing consumables like bar tape, chain and tyres when needed.

Non-PPYCC members

For any youth riders from other clubs seeking track accreditation to race at Sussex Track League, please email ASAP, we do have spare places at the 09.00 accreditation session and these will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Weather dependent

Track cycling is weather dependent, so if the conditions are very damp or wet, this will prevent us using track bikes and an update will be posted on the website prior to the session. If this happens, we will revert to the standard Inner Ring / Outer Ring session using road bikes and members will be expected to arrive for their usual session. We will then move the track session to the next dry Saturday.

Therefore please do check the website for the latest information before leaving for the session each week, any changes of plan will be posted by 8am at latest.

We look forward to seeing you at the track, and keep your fingers crossed for a dry and sunny day this Saturday!