Tomorrow’s interval training, 30th December

Tomorrow’s session is week 4 in the block of interval training. This week sees the final week of this block, which has been repeated twice. Next week it’s a New year and a new block!

Coaches will be available to assist with timings etc. All welcome, meet at the track at 10am.

Week 4

Warm up: 10 minutes in a middle to low gear, pedalling with high cadence. Small ring, middle of your cassette, perhaps 39 x 17 or 19. As the warm up progresses avoid changing gear but pedals fast. This can result in good pedalling technique and be quite taxing. 10 minutes.

Main session: 2 and 1 minute intervals. Ride 2 minutes hard, take 1 minute rest, repeat 4 times. Ride 1 minute hard, take 1 minute rest; repeat 4 times. Repeat the set twice but reverse the 1 and 2 minutes interval order for the second set so that you finish with the 2 minute intervals. Take a 5 minute rest between the two sets. 43 minutes.

Cool down with gentle pedalling until your breathing has returned to normal. This is typically 5 minutes.

Total cycling time: 58 minutes