This Saturday (29th March)

Coming up this week…

09:00 to 10:30 session – 08:30 signing on

Bike check & warm up (whole group)

Gear selection & riding slowly skills coaching (separate yellow /green / blue groups)

Race (whole group)

PLEASE NOTE: it can still be very chilly first thing in the morning, and we had some very cold riders last week. Please bring full fingered gloves and wear long tights / trousers and long sleeve jersey (or leg and arm warmers) plus at least one extra layer to keep warm. You can take layers off if too hot, but can’t conjure up extra clothes if you haven’t brought them to the track with you!

10.30 – 12.00 session – 10:15 signing on

Theme: Close riding skills based on the Elimination Race

  • 10 lap warm up
  • Making your way through the bunch
  • Holding first wheel, second line in the bunch
  • How to hang around at the rear of the bunch for a sprint
  • Elimination scenario race
  • Free wheel challenge