Sunday Club Road rides

Another quick survey

I know we have a busy month ahead with two Cyclecross races and the Club Championships but I would like to gauge what level of interest there is for resuming the Sunday Club Rides in October. These rides have traditionally been for riders 12 and over with parental permission. Please let me know if you or your son or daughter is keen to participate. I am especially keen to know if any younger riders you have not previously joined us on Sundays would like to come along. Parents are encouraged to join in!

We commonly meet at the track ready to leave at 10.00am for a two hour ride though note that we commonly return at 12.30 or after. There will be no charge  but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. Thus there should be no new participants without prior agreement. Similarly these are club rides and not coaching sessions, so will aim to be more continuous ride, with limited stopping.

Happy to answer any questions

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