Special ‘Coming Up’ This Saturday 28th June

The Brighton and Hove International Festival of Sport starts this Saturday with a spectacular multi-sport festival in Preston Park. PPYCC, with VCJ, are offering activities to the general public at the track. Specifically we are offering people the chance to ride a timed lap and/or a timed mile. We are extending our session to end at 1pm but we will not be offering a normal programme. We would very much like our riders to turn up and ride for pleasure, try a timed lap and timed mile themselves and encourage any visitors who turn up. There will also be a skills course to enjoy. Riders may also like to visit the festival in the open part of the park, but we will not be able to escort them so, if under 12 years, they will need to go with a parent or other adult unless they provide a note stating you are happy for them to visit independently. With the later finish time please also let us know when you are collecting your child if they are under 12 years. For more information on the Festival see http://www.takepartbrightonandhove.com/prestonpark/