Skills racing results for Sat 15th June

Today at Inner Ring we ran our monthly skills racing session. These are intended as a friendly introduction to Go-Ride Racing, giving riders a taste of what to expect if they start to attend Go-Ride Racing events run by other clubs in the region.

We ran three races, each testing different types of skills. We did a 1 lap time trial on the track which tested fast starts, gear selection and speed, and gives riders a benchmark against which they can measure themselves in future. We also did a technical time trial over a grass track with many twists and turns, testing cornering, bike handling, gearing and sprinting. Finally we had a timed skills circuit comprising limbo, slalom, tight turns and bottle drops which tested agility, balance and bike handling skills. As we had 15 mins to spare at the end we also ran a freewheel race but didn’t collect results for that one!

All of the times are now available to view in the Skills racing results sheet. Well done to all of the riders, everyone put in great performances! We do a lot of this stuff in our normal Saturday sessions but doing it under pressure is another thing entirely and it was great to see riders build their confidence with some of the trickier skills, so well done to everybody. Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped keep things running smoothly!