SAVE THE DATE! Pedal in Preston Park on 31st October

Many of you will be familiar with our annual end of season event, Pedal in Preston Park. Keeping with tradition, this year’s will be on the last Saturday of the PPYCC season, 31st October.

Please keep the day clear so that you can come along to join in the fun. Exclusive PPYCC and VCJubilee session will be 10:30 to 12:00, but PPYCC riders (and parents, siblings, friends, and neighbours) can continue riding laps through the afternoon until the close at 17:00.

Previous years have had cumulutive challenges, but this year we’re breaking with THAT tradition and have an individual or team challenge of 137 laps of the track (43 miles). Do you think you could do that on your own? Perhaps you could attempt it in a small team …

Here’s the pedal website for more information: