Saturday’s first interval session starts from 10.00 to 11.00

To keep those that wish to stay on top of their fitness during the winter in training miles we have our first interval session tomorrow. The track is not booked, their are no session fees and there may be other people using the track. So come prepared for whatever the weather and whoever the company with your road bike.

Winter sessions traditionally focus on recovering from an intense summer and building up slowly to the next season. Thus we start long and gentle in our efforts [though not very gentle, this is interval training after all] and progress to shorter and more intense.

Tomorrow’s session

NB. Remember to concentrate and ride safely, other people are allowed to use the track and the gates will not be locked. There will be a coach to advise on timings but it is not a coached sessions.

Warm up: 10 minutes in a middle to low gear,  pedalling with high cadence. Small ring, middle of your cassette, perhaps 39 x 17 or 19. As the warm up progresses avoid changing gear but pedals fast. This can result in good pedalling technique and be quite taxing.

Main session: 4 x 10 minute efforts with a 2 minute rest. For the efforts pedal at 90 x 110 rpm cadence so that you are well on top of your gear. You need to maintain an effort where after the first 4 minutes you no longer wish to hold a conversation. To communicate with other riders you should not wish to say more than a quick word. For the rests freewheel and then pedal gently in a low effort.

Cool down with gentle pedalling until your breathing has returned to normal. This is typically 5 minutes.

Total cycling time: 63 minutes